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Habitat for Humanity

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Habitat for Humanity Korea

In early 1990s, Habitat for Humanity became known and begain organized in South Korea. The first three houses built by the organization were dedicated in Yangju county near Seoul on November 11, 1994. Habitat for Humanity Korea("HFH Korea") was formally incorporated and registered with the government as a non-profit public service association as of September 13, 1995. In 2001, Korea hosted the annual Jimmy Carter Work Project(JCWP), which made Habitat for Humanity widely known in Korean society and added momentum to its growth in the country.

Every individual and organization who participates in Habitat effort is a partner. Habitat partnership consists of three main partners: 'Home Partner' is the one who earns an ownership of a Habitat house; 'Donor' is the one who provides financial, material, or technical supports; 'Volunteer' is the one who volunteers in construction and office work. Home Partners are required to work in construction process of their own houses above certain amount of time, which is a principle called 'Sweat Equity.' and to repay long-term mortgages at no profit or interest after moving in. The repayment is used in building another Habitat house and this continuous cycle of sharing and working together leads all partners' lives to be more valuable. Each year, about 30,000 volunteers participate in house build and repair programs across the country.

In 2014, total of 137 new houses were built and 562 houses were renovated in Korea.

In addition to domestic program, HFH Korea annually sends about 1,000 volunteers to various overseas countries mainly in Asia-Pacific region.

In 2014, HFHK helped in providing shelters for more than 2,900 families overseas by building 793 houses, 4 community centers and repairing 2,103 houses.


Contact Us telephone+82-2-1544-3396 fax+82-2-2237-5781 AddressHabitat for Humanity Korea, 2-5F Songjook Building, 358-14 Sindang2-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul 04598, Korea